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Topic subjectBaby mama, sperm donor...
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29236, Baby mama, sperm donor...
Posted by Nettrice, Tue Apr-12-05 10:32 PM
I agree that these are words we need to stop using to categorize parent's roles in the family but where does it begin? With a song?

>And lets face it there are always going to be some loose women
>and dead beat men but we don't need them speaking or
>characterizing the whole group.

IMHO the danger is in the generalizations. Not all single mothers are loose women. Some are widowers and nowadays some have lost their husbands to the military and war in Iraq. On the other hand, some are/were teenagers who made poor choices. However, once that choice has been made the only thing folks can do is live...and do better. If everyone makes more of an effort to do better at the start then maybe we'll see a change. In the meantime, I am not about to criticize the sistas who are single mothers and I am going to always ask folks to consider their options.

>Baby mama was created by dead beat
>ghetto dads looking to escape responsiblity and later
>popularized by slang.

That's self-fulfilling prophecy.