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29235, RE: errr...from somebody who admits to not reading my post's
Posted by JSYM7, Tue Apr-12-05 04:56 PM
The bottom line brothers have got to be more responsible and stop running around with a F@#$ the world menatality thereby reducing every women to the level of whore or bitch. Respect your sister because the more you screw her over the more you screw over yourself.

The Women have to be more gaurded and less open to the advances of the above mention video thug/corporate coon type who are only going to F and leave them for dead. Respect yourself because even if it means being alone for a while taking unnessecary risks with out of sink fools is never a good idea there are good men out their (change your scene).

And lets face it there are always going to be some loose women and dead beat men but we don't need them speaking or characterizing the whole group. As for this song it is garbage on an artistic level simply because it is pop or should I say poop and baby mama is a title we as a people need to work on irradicating because people who have children are mothers and they are often mothers and fathers but the term should simply be mother. Baby mama was created by dead beat ghetto dads looking to escape responsiblity and later popularized by slang. Similar to the way wife beaters are what my favorite T-shirts are called cause they are usual the shirt you see on the cops tv show worn by some fat retard who just commiteed domestic violence. Every bodies responsible and the song still sucks more than many things I have heard in my short life but what can we expect from american trifle but mindless drible for the mindless masses.