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Posted by Nettrice, Tue Apr-12-05 08:55 PM
>Sorry, I have to disagree here. NO. OTHER. COMMUNITY has 75%
>of their children being born to single parent households, less
>singing odes to it.

Where I stop with the criticism is single parent households. This, in of itself, is not where the problem is and perhaps this is not for this particular discussion thread.

>This is solely
>OUR issue.

I don't agree (based on experience) and we can agree to disagree. Is the problem that single parent households are bad? If so, I am sure that people can give examples of how that is not the case. IMHO the problem is not single parenting but the structure that has precipitated more unfit parenting, along with lots of irresponsible choices that lead to unplanned pregnancies and unstable households (for example).

>topic of discussion is the song, and why some of us think it's

Disgusting is a strong word and does much to tear folks down.