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Posted by soulpsychodelicyde, Tue Apr-12-05 08:41 PM
>Not just our community. Kids are quick to bring up those
>"girls gone wild" ads and shows that are all over TV. Those
>are not Black girls or women portrayed in those ads and look
>what happened when they went too far...some group of concerned
>(white?) parents will speak up until the next time. I know
>some parents who don't allow TV (or radio) in their houses but
>the kids see and hear those messages outside of the home.

Sorry, I have to disagree here. NO. OTHER. COMMUNITY has 75% of their children being born to single parent households, less singing odes to it. NOT. ONE. So "Girls Gone Wild" or no... there is something amiss with our kids. Something that does not (or has not) plagued other communities. This is solely OUR issue. That said, the fact that it's deeper is obvious and, again, not the topic of this particular discussion. The topic of discussion is the song, and why some of us think it's disgusting.