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29214, RE: A song is a song...
Posted by soulpsychodelicyde, Tue Apr-12-05 01:16 PM
>>I hate the message it sends to our community, to our young
>>girls, in particular.
>Okay but it was a man (my Pops) who sent me that message as a
>girl. I did not get it from a song or the radio.

Ummm... and if said message is reinforced by the songs you hear on the radio, and the things you see in real life, you don't think that has an effect?
>>You think young girls, already completely and totally
>>surrounded by the 'baby mama' phenomenon, will be able to
>>discern that this is a 'keep ya head up' type of song,
>>than an encouragement, albeit a subtle one, to perpetuate
>>behavior that leads to these anthems?
>Most girls are smart and a lot of them can think critically
>about what they hear. The problem is the messages that get
>from adults, sometimes their own parents and relatives.

Critical thinking? Do you think critical thinking is what causes 3 out of 4 of our children to be born to single parent households?? C'mon, now. That doesn't even make sense. I do agree that parents and relatives play an integral role here, but the problem is THEY'RE NOT DOING THEIR JOB, and so songs like this are influencing young minds that have no one there to tell them differently, and have no examples by which to model themselves. If you and everyone you know is the direct result of, or *is* a "baby mama," how would you know that there's another way? By listening to Fantasia?


>>Actually, I *can't* understand why folks are defending the
>>song given all that's going on in our community. But, to
>>his own.
>I couldn't care less about the song.

That's clear.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying that we should be protesting Fantasia or burning her in effigy, I'm simply responding to the spirit of this post, and again, I hate the song and think it sends the wrong message.