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29202, Please, allow me
Posted by sunngodd, Mon Apr-11-05 01:43 PM
Let's comapre to similarly downtrodden groups, Black and Hispanics:

Black median income:$33,598
Hispanic median income: $34,490


Ok, so Hispanics make a little more than Blacks, on average. So let's look at the rate of children born out of wedlock for both groups:

Black children born out of wedlock: 69.3%
Hispanic children born out of wedlock: 21.9%


If poverty was the central issue, we would expect the Hispanic rate of children born out of wedlock to be similar to that of Blacks. But its not. It's not even close. Thus, we can't say that poverty is the central issue, it has to be something else.


“The Negro pays for what he wants and begs for what he needs.” -Kelly Miller