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Topic subjectRE: 2 things
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29197, RE: 2 things
Posted by suave_bro, Mon Apr-11-05 01:51 PM
>1)when u have more resources u have more access to
>contraceptives and other means of preventing pregnancy,

- condoms are free. condoms are free. birth control pills are free. birth control pills are free. what? u gonna say they cant afford transportation to health clinics now?

>also, more importantly have a different value system,

- uhmmm...must I school you on black folks value system during slavery all the way through the jim crowe era? we were BROKE and had a very potent value system.

>and more
>access to abortion,

- black women currently lead in abortions as well www.blackgenocide.org

>do either of us really kno how many single
>white women are getting pregnant, and are just having the
>babies aborted

- obviously not as much as black females, check the link. and goggle is everybody's friend.

>2) on the flip side, richer men are gonna be more inclined to
>step up and take care of their children because they wont
>regard them as a financial burden as much lower socio-econ.
>men will

- this is just pure comedy. so your argument NOW is that black folks are so poor and down trodden that we cant AFFORD to take care our our children? wow. so i guess when we had extremely high marriage rates up until the 70's we must have been high on some sort of drug...