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Topic subjectRE: Fantasia's 'Baby Mama' Song Sends Bad Message?
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29181, RE: Fantasia's 'Baby Mama' Song Sends Bad Message?
Posted by Soulbrotha, Fri Apr-08-05 04:34 PM
Late pass needed here..

The song is annoying and reading the lyrics I don't know maybe that was bad lyric writing 'cos that line 'cos nowadays its like a badge of honor' didn't seem like she was praising the babymama situation it seemed sarcastic to me, imo.

Its not a good msg that ought to be heard anyhow but I guess she's trying to speak out for the babymama's or let them know someone out there understands what they're going through. She herself being one..It certainly isn't a good message..I particularly detest the babymama/babydaddy syndrome and its acceptance in this country but...aah...*walks off*