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Posted by sunngodd, Sat Apr-09-05 09:50 AM
>Children benefit most from loving, financially stable (and
>safe) households where they are well educated and entertained
>in healthy ways.

I agree, i would say children benefit from: 1. Positive male and female role models; and 2. structure and stability.

Marriage does not prevent that, nor does it
>prevent a man and woman from participating equally in a

I agree, but the *best* way to provide it is through marriage. Children benefit more from having two parents in the home rather than one. Similarly it is better for the child's parents to be married, because marriages, on the whole, are more stable than relationships. When you're married, there's more of a commitment to stay together and work through problems, when you're in a "relationship," that same commitment isn't there.

I'd rather have that than a dysfunctional
>marriage any day..most of the marriages I've known about were
>dysfunctional...some more than others and the children

I agree there are cases where the children are better off with the parents living apart, and there are even cases where it is best that the children have no contact with one of the parents. But this should never be the first option.

I am too independent spirited to be a wife but I
>like the idea of a partnership. But who know? I might change
>my mind...but I doubt it.

"It's too many Black women that can say that they're mothers, but can't say that they're wives" - Common


“The Negro pays for what he wants and begs for what he needs.” -Kelly Miller