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Topic subjectvery, very good article.
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29149, very, very good article.
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Apr-08-05 10:27 AM
this song is nowhere near as bad as "wait" by yin yang twinz and will be nowhere near as popular...It took me a while but i had to come to the realization that this is just how black folks are. I had to stop trying to say "we can do better" when the truth of the matter is we probably cant, this is probably just as good as it gets and i (you) need to get over it...however if you think about the processs of today's black sexual culture and these 2 songs/artists, there isn't really that much difference:

first ying yang: sex and wild amounts of it with random females that just look good and can twurk and have nice bodies, look at the black woman like a sexual object, "stick my dick in, take your thumb out" - this is just the mentallity of most young black males towards black females. take away yin yang and this song, this mentallity is still here.

Phantasia baby momma: now after she (the female) has been looked at like a sexual object nothing more nothing less, she has a baby or two by somebody or some guys who probably doesn't even know who she is outside of the fact that she is thick, can twurk, got some bomb ass head etc.,...now what does she do? does she feel ashamed? is she embarrassed? is she frightened? NO! she is STRONG! this is her "badge of honor". the MAN (or little boy) was weak and pathetic for knocking her up and not taking care of HIS responsibility, but she is STRONG for handling hers, this is how our women JUSTIFY their behaviors and actions. again, take away this SONG, and the mentallity is still there. the behaviors are still there. and our FUTURE are the ones who suffer from BOTH of these ass backwards mentallities...