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Topic subject*sigh*
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29131, *sigh*
Posted by HueyShakur, Fri Apr-08-05 09:23 AM
"It's about time we had our own song
Don't know what took so long
Cause nowadays it's like a badge of honor
To be a baby mama"

she's NOT saying "being a single mother (baby mama) a 'badge of honor'." she uses LIKE, as a preposition, meaning "having the characteristics of or similar to."

having the characteristics of/similar to what? a status higher than that of other things that songs have written about.

those lines MERELY reflects her "dismay" that a song didn't already exist that gave baby mamas their props EVEN THOUGH most Black mamas ARE baby mamas. that's it.

could she have done it more clearly? sure. but for anyone to suggest that she meant being a baby mama is somehow "honorable," they are smoking that good crack. that's a willful misinterpretation.

what she does say is honorable is dealing with that hand (raising a child on your own) and doing a good job.

it's NOT that hard folks.