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Topic subjectRE: u are going 2 have to start dealing in reality @ some point
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29125, RE: u are going 2 have to start dealing in reality @ some point
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Apr-08-05 11:47 AM
>You must be hanging with a whole different crowd...all those
>women you know must be getting pregnant all day and every day!
> :-) I went to college with some serious sistahs. We
>networked with other colleges, including Ivy League (Columbia)
>and City College (NYC). We had lots of parties but only two
>of my friends got pregnant and one was Korean!

- notice i said in our communities. I am in college too. there are some "serious sistas" up here no doubt, but unlike you, I dont choose to pretend that the sistas who are up in the clubs all the time with the tongue rings and screwing all the greek brothas and athletes don't exist...and yes, they are getting pregnant and having to leave college early...

>>this myth that all of our women are walking around glowing
>>from innocence and purity with halo's beaming over their
>>heads, and was DECIEVED by their BOYFRIENDS who got them
>>pregnant and RAN, needs to stop.
>But that isn't my point. It takes a woman AND a man to make a

- if that is your point you would have said that by now, your point is that the women are innocent and deserve to be commended.

>>so yes, alot of our women ARE indeed in it just for the SEX
>>much as the men are...what kills me is that any other time a
>>woman being sexually independent and screaming "why cant i
>>it like men do" she is considered to be displaying a form of
>>woman empowerment
>Women can be on the sexual conquest tip and still not get
>pregnant. These women are not trying to get pregnant. I find
>that the women on the corner are more likely to be "deceived"
>or jump into sex among other things as something to do...with
>no regard for the consequences.

- your arguments jump all over the place when you speak. how can a female be "decieved" but at the same time jump into sex as "something to do" and have no regard for the consequences!? that statement makes absolutely no sense whatsoever.

>I was telling my mentee that
>my priorities were way different when I was her age. She just
>rolled her eyes at me...but she learned the hard way and now
>she's in college (no baby).

- whoa wait a minute...you have a mentee?! you mentor YOUTH!? an--and your mentee is in COLLEGE NOW!?!? wow. i have NEVER heard you say THAT before on here...kudos!