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Topic subjectu are going 2 have to start dealing in reality @ some point
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29123, u are going 2 have to start dealing in reality @ some point
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Apr-08-05 10:43 AM
most women in our communities are getting pregnant from booty calls. they are getting pregnant at black college reunions, black bike week, frat parties, during orgies, one night stands after the club or the concert, guys they met off of myspace.com or blackplanet.com etc, I know it sounds ugly but its the truth.

this myth that all of our women are walking around glowing from innocence and purity with halo's beaming over their heads, and was DECIEVED by their BOYFRIENDS who got them pregnant and RAN, needs to stop. its becoming more common now for our females to not even have steady BOYFRIENDS and become pregnant.

so yes, alot of our women ARE indeed in it just for the SEX as much as the men are...what kills me is that any other time a woman being sexually independent and screaming "why cant i do it like men do" she is considered to be displaying a form of woman empowerment, but when the shit hits the fan the whole tune changes, now all of a sudden the MEN are the ones who are overly promiscuous and deserve ridicule and she is the victim...