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Topic subjectdo you honestly think talk shows reflect reality??
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29106, do you honestly think talk shows reflect reality??
Posted by zewari, Thu Apr-07-05 09:48 PM

i mean, anyone who knows a single mother knows how hard it is to lead that life. even in the song, she mentions the bullshit they have to juggle just to keep things afloat.

i still don't see how you think she's trivializing the difficulties of single motherhood or glamourizing anything.

i actually think the author of the article above is ashamed of the situation many black women and young girls are facing, and hates the fact that this issue of broken families is being "put out" in front of everyone. i'm even tempted to say this guy has a degree of self-hate veiled by his patronizing tone.

if fantasia was a white, single mother making this song... then obviously it would be offensive and wrong. Fantasia is a single mother herself, and she has every right to sing this song with no shame. i think its a shame that black men are ashamed of it, to be honest.

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