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Posted by zewari, Thu Apr-07-05 08:12 PM

And isn’t Fantasia ignoring the wealth of problems single motherhood has brought black America? If I’ve heard one person involved in juvenile justice matters tell me once, they’ve told me a score of times: most of the young black men in “the system” come from homes with a single mother. No father around. In a town like Baltimore, where 75 percent of black boys don’t graduate from high school, you can bet most of those dropouts are the sons of “baby mamas.”

^^^this guy needs to get his ass beat^^^^

that shit is hands down the most idiotic line of reasoning i've seen to date. its almost like he WANTS to say "BABY MAMMAS ARE THE CANCER IN SOCIETY". about the only angle he could've possibly worked is that this song encourages ppl to be baby mommas, or to have more kids or whatever.

but that's still stupid, unrealistic, and far from the truth... what a dumbass. the song's target audience are BABY MAMMAS. the ones i know have a HARD life. shit, i'm glad they can listen to something in mainstream radio that makes them feel just a little better

“Stand out firmly for Justice as witness before God, even against yourselves, against your kin and against your parents, against people who are rich or poor. Do not follow your inclinations or desires lest you deviate from Justice."
-Qur’an 4:135