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Topic subjectDang...same thing with my grandmother/pops
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29099, Dang...same thing with my grandmother/pops
Posted by MALACHI, Tue Apr-12-05 04:59 PM

>but what we CAN and NEED to do is let these females know that
>when they have these "oops" babies that they have fucked up
>BIG time. as i said on here before, when my pops mother had
>him at 16 she had to move to tennessee (to her uncles farm)
>from alabama because it was un-lady like and embarrassing to
>her family for her to be seen walking around so young and
>pregnant...now, does that mean they HATED her? that she is a
>hell-spawn demon!? asbolutely not, BUT it sends a clear
>message that what she did WAS. NOT. ACCEPTABLE.

My grandmother got pregnant with pops when she was 19 years old. At the time she and her family lived in a little share-cropping community outside of Port Gibson, Mississippi. When she got pregnant, my great-grandparents put her out, arranged for her to live with some cousins in Vicksburg, Mississippi, where my pops was born. When my grandmother had my pops, my great-grandmother came up and stayed with her for a month or so. Did they love my grandmother? Without a doubt...and they loved their 1st grandson(my pops)too. But my grandmother was the oldest of their 7 kids, and they couldn't have that bad example for the 6 other kids to see every day...none of which had any out of wedlock kids.

When my grandmama found out my father was messing with girls when he was 15, she beat him with broomstick 'til he quit moving. He ain't got no out of wedlock kids. When my siblings and I were coming up, my parents taught us that if we ever got in trouble, they would be there for us, but if we came home with any kids...PEACE OUT...it was time to hit the door. And none of us have bastard kids.