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Topic subjectsolutions are simple.
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29098, solutions are simple.
Posted by suave_bro, Tue Apr-12-05 12:11 PM
first of all there is NO WAY we can stop folks from A) having sex, B) getting pregnant when they aren't married.

but what we CAN and NEED to do is let these females know that when they have these "oops" babies that they have fucked up BIG time. as i said on here before, when my pops mother had him at 16 she had to move to tennessee (to her uncles farm) from alabama because it was un-lady like and embarrassing to her family for her to be seen walking around so young and pregnant...now, does that mean they HATED her? that she is a hell-spawn demon!? asbolutely not, BUT it sends a clear message that what she did WAS. NOT. ACCEPTABLE.

in order for our community to have a reaction like this in 2005, it would require that a young black girl having a baby out of wedlock by some guy she barely even knows, gets us embarrassed. that that type of behavior is inexcusable and should be punished. not physically, but socially. that might sound crazy but imagine this "phenomenon" taking place in the arab/asian/hispanic community? do u think it would be met with apathy and complacency, or worse, ACCEPTANCE the way it has in our community!? I will bet you my left arm that if we took a step towards THIS direction that the out of wedlock birth rates in our community will decline (notice i didnt say go away completely i have to add this because somebody will "INFER" that from my statement)...

hmmm...i wonder who takes the blame for this "accept-everything-under-the-sun" mentallity in the black community!?