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Topic subjecti'll step up and say it was "reactionary"
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29085, i'll step up and say it was "reactionary"
Posted by rogue_scholar, Thu Apr-07-05 07:44 PM
you make a solid argument for why the song's message isn't as bad as it seems. and yes, you are right then that a big part of the response, mine at least, is just a knee jerk reaction. that, i'll own up to.

i'm STILL disgusted at the amount of bullshit that gets lauded as anthems and held up as a model to young black kids (and adults). so, lyric for lyric, 'baby mama' isn't literally as bad as i and others may have made it out to be, but the passions that flared up behind it represent a host of shit out there that's just ridiculously off base for what young black kids and adults should be aspiring to.

(imagine that...saying "my bad" on okayactivist about one's earlier claim, haha)


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