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Topic subjectthis post makes me wanna go Cosby in here
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29082, this post makes me wanna go Cosby in here
Posted by rogue_scholar, Thu Apr-07-05 06:25 PM
i'm sick and tired of being fuckin sick and tired of all this niggerized bullshit pacifying everyone. baby mama's, i wanna souljah, diary of a mad black woman, plain damn ignorance, on and on...


but you know what? instead of bitching here, i'ma channel that shit into my studying right now. probably won't get out the frustration, but it'll be more productive.

fuckin' jigaboo ass bullshit. i wanna grab some wild kids and whup ass all up and down the block, cuss out the baby mamas and jack up the baby daddies. all out of love, but dead fuckin serious.


--Any belief worth having must survive doubt-