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Topic subjectCmon man, she's shouting out the successful single mothers
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29079, Cmon man, she's shouting out the successful single mothers
Posted by Cocobrotha2, Fri Apr-08-05 10:07 AM
You're narrowing the scope to the "Brenda"s of the world when the song is explicitly talking about only *successful single mothers who don't get recognition for doing what two people often struggle to do (providing a stable family environment).

I understand kids can misconstrue the message (since adults can't agree on what it means) but the "badge of honor" line is a shout out to all the single mothers that are making it work. It's not the ideal situation but that's not what the song.

If you want a song that says "Hey, congrats to the successful baby muvas, but you should really try to have a nuclear family", write it yourself.