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29075, RE: You first
Posted by Nettrice, Fri Apr-08-05 05:14 PM
>- this is certainly not true for black america. during the
>early 20th century is was practically unheard of for black
>women to have babies when they were 15 and 16 years old

Not in Kentucky...and many other places in the U.S. It was quite normal to hear about teen pregnancy or know someone who was having babies at such an early age.

>if you did, you
>brought SHAME on2 the community.

Well, in my hometown, the extended family and community was tight. There was no shame. Grandparents, siblings, and parents often lived in the same house, taking care of all kinds of kids, including neighbors' kids. Growing up, my maternal great aunt's house was full of kids. Some of her children lived on the same block or close by...and some of them had babies before age 18. My paternal grandmother had my father when she was 16 and her mother took care of him and his brother.

>i asked my pops why this was and
>he said it was COMMON back in those times to do it that way
>(for white and black folks)...that was back when black folks
>took PRIDE in our families and their image.

That's b.s. I never sensed any shame in having babies young and out of wedlock. All these babies were welcome and taken care of. It was familial and communal.

>we didn't have
>negroes like YOU running around making up excuses for
>promiscuous behaviors just so somebody could feel better about
>themselves...back then there WERE no excuses.


>- uhmmm. seriously. this is the 6th time you mention that u
>are a mentor and that you have a mentee in this post alone. I
>think folks here that post on the regular know this by now
>because you've been reminding us for years...

What's wrong with that? Feeling guilty?