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29074, RE: You first
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Apr-08-05 12:01 PM
>I love when you come in with the attacks. I'm not scared of
>you. Ha, ha! :-P
>>- WTF? first you start off by saying that child birth @ the
>>age of 14 is "nothing new", then you say that we will repeat
>>the same thing and men and women need to change? HUH!?
>How hard is this to understand? I've been talking about
>self-fulfilling prophecy forever because it's a real
>psycho-social issue that has been plaguing us for centuries.
>This has everything to do with why some women have babies at a
>young age, generation after generation...or why in certain
>conditions it becomes necessary to have a baby at such a young

- this is certainly not true for black america. during the early 20th century is was practically unheard of for black women to have babies when they were 15 and 16 years old, and DAMN sure didn't have them out of wedlock. and if you did, you brought SHAME on2 the community. my father's mother had him when she was 16 and wasn't married, they shipped her off another STATE to give birth...i asked my pops why this was and he said it was COMMON back in those times to do it that way (for white and black folks)...that was back when black folks took PRIDE in our families and their image. we didn't have negroes like YOU running around making up excuses for promiscuous behaviors just so somebody could feel better about themselves...back then there WERE no excuses.

>I don't come here to win anything. I also don't have to agree
>or disagree with unwed teen mothers. What I want to do is
>continue working with young women to help them see their
>options. I am already doing that. If more people were
>willing to do the same maybe we could stop pinning the blame
>and start finding solutions.

- 2 questions: 1) if you dont have an opinion on unwed teen mothers, then WTF are you in this post for? 2) surely you won't argue that CELEBRATING black single teen motherhood is a SOLUTION would you?

>Now, through mentoring, my mentee knows she has more options.
>Maybe you should try mentoring instead of whining about what
>you can't or don't want to change.

- uhmmm. seriously. this is the 6th time you mention that u are a mentor and that you have a mentee in this post alone. I think folks here that post on the regular know this by now because you've been reminding us for years...