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29073, You first
Posted by Nettrice, Fri Apr-08-05 11:50 AM
I love when you come in with the attacks. I'm not scared of you. Ha, ha! :-P

>- WTF? first you start off by saying that child birth @ the
>age of 14 is "nothing new", then you say that we will repeat
>the same thing and men and women need to change? HUH!?

How hard is this to understand? I've been talking about self-fulfilling prophecy forever because it's a real psycho-social issue that has been plaguing us for centuries. This has everything to do with why some women have babies at a young age, generation after generation...or why in certain conditions it becomes necessary to have a baby at such a young age.

>look, I
>know u want to win this "debate" but you are going to have to
>be clear on whether you agree with black teen unwed mothers or

I don't come here to win anything. I also don't have to agree or disagree with unwed teen mothers. What I want to do is continue working with young women to help them see their options. I am already doing that. If more people were willing to do the same maybe we could stop pinning the blame and start finding solutions.

Now, through mentoring, my mentee knows she has more options. Maybe you should try mentoring instead of whining about what you can't or don't want to change.