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29072, you need to sign off
Posted by suave_bro, Fri Apr-08-05 11:18 AM
>Man, we have been birthing babies at an early age since we got
>here on the slave ships. Ain't nothin' new. That why I am
>always talking about self-fulfilling prophecy because unless
>women AND men change then our children will continue to repeat
>the same thing.

- WTF? first you start off by saying that child birth @ the age of 14 is "nothing new", then you say that we will repeat the same thing and men and women need to change? HUH!? look, I know u want to win this "debate" but you are going to have to be clear on whether you agree with black teen unwed mothers or not...

>>There is a huge difference between a grown woman becoming a
>>single parent via divorce, and 14 year old having a baby.
>>are comparing apples to hand grenades.

>I don't think so. Right now I am mentoring a kid in foster
>care whose mother is pregnant again (she is in her 30s).

- really? i had no idea you mentored children. why haven't you mentioned this before? (10 paypal dollars to whoever cant detect the msacras)

>of her children have either been adopted away or in foster
>care and she's about to have another one. She has repeated
>this pattern since she was 16. For every "14 year old" having
>a baby there are older mothers like this one who are still not
>equipped to raise a child.

- uhmmmm you just proved his point even further. she started having babies at 16.