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Posted by Nettrice, Fri Apr-08-05 10:32 AM
>There is absolutely NOTHING "wonderful" about a 14 year old
>Black girl "birthing babies", with no education, no job and no
>life skills.

Man, we have been birthing babies at an early age since we got here on the slave ships. Ain't nothin' new. That why I am always talking about self-fulfilling prophecy because unless women AND men change then our children will continue to repeat the same thing.

>For every baby mama success story, there are
>probably at least 10 tragedies...not to mention all those
>caught in the middle just scraping by. Is the emergence of a
>life into this world SUPPOSED to be wonderful, YES, it
>is...the REALITY of the matter is all to often it's not.
>>As the child of a divorced, single Black mother I disagree.
>There is a huge difference between a grown woman becoming a
>single parent via divorce, and 14 year old having a baby. You
>are comparing apples to hand grenades.

I don't think so. Right now I am mentoring a kid in foster care whose mother is pregnant again (she is in her 30s). All of her children have either been adopted away or in foster care and she's about to have another one. She has repeated this pattern since she was 16. For every "14 year old" having a baby there are older mothers like this one who are still not equipped to raise a child.