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Topic subjectI'll be the first to say I think the song is DISGUSTING.
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29052, I'll be the first to say I think the song is DISGUSTING.
Posted by MALACHI, Thu Apr-07-05 05:35 PM
How can it be a "badge of honor" to be a "baby's mama"? In my humble opinion, I think it is horrible that somebody thought it necessary to write about and sing the praises of Black children being born out of wedlock. (over 70%) This horrible phenomenon is the catalyst to a number of problems in our communities.

My question is this, would Lindsey Lohan, Hillary Duff, Jessica Simpson, Britney Spears or any other of them other white teeny-bopper girls sing that song? How would the white general public respond if they did? But because it's a single BLACK female singing this song, it's okay...Everybody knows that us low moral-having nigras make bastard babies every chance we get. SAD.