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Topic subjectmakes perfect sense
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2952, makes perfect sense
Posted by emil, Fri Nov-14-03 05:26 AM
all of the agricultural land we have here, a surplus of biomass.

if france, germany, italy, england, brazil, guatemala and plenty of other places do it, why don't we? brazil gets 40% of all its fuel from either corn (ethanol) or soybeans (biodiesel). that's impressive. my favorite professor taught ichthyology and the reason she was dope b/c she focused on how we can mimic nature to engineer better solutions to current problems. of course that's what we do now, and most of our technology comes from such an approach. but we've neglected to think this way when it comes to energy, the one thing that drives EVERYTHING else.

as for windfarms, we get our power from windfarms in the west virginia mountains. yes, dc residents can get green energy. they will offer biomass pretty soon, also. it can be done.

that is why i said site specific. there isn't water everywhere just as there isn't wind or 300 days of sunlight. but places where there are these resources, we must use them to the fullest extent put people don't get that. we are put off by costs. think about the first cell phone ($3,000 in 1984), the first microwave, the first vcr. but people found those options to be something they could use. same here. the human populace severely underestimates the importance of natural resources and how much our entire lives depend on food and energy.