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Topic subjectbecause they lazy!
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2945, because they lazy!
Posted by deejboram, Thu Nov-13-03 07:42 AM
and using that as a cop out.

i went to school for FREE (grants and shit) in alabama and STILL took out $25K so that I could do like eddie murphy and "party alll the tyyymmmeee" and live in a fat condo off campus.

i didn't NEED this shit but i wanted it.

But i got the grades to back my shit up.
I know this one cat whose dad is a Stanfod MBA grad and makes megabux.
Tuition is only $2K per semester and his folks be BEGGIN his ass to go to class.
He doesn't so they continue to waster their $$$.

Some folks just have a fucked up situation.
Parents are wealthy.
They don't get along with parents.
So in turn no money from parents for colloege for them.
Unfortunately, the govt bases your fin aid amount on how much your folks make not you by yourself.

But if you go to a school in the know they'll petition this rule.
get the student classified as a "INDEPENDENT" student.
and the govt will fund the student's education (all or in part based on studen'ts income SOLELY)