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Topic subjectRE: once again: "don't be so quick to jump the gun..."
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2941, RE: once again: "don't be so quick to jump the gun..."
Posted by deejboram, Thu Nov-13-03 09:23 AM
>Don't look at absolutes, look at relative. When you compare how much your check
>when up to what you have to spend in other places, college tuition increases,
>property tax increases, etc. Was it worth it?

i'm outta undergrad and have locked in a super low student loan rate so i'm straight. i
rent and am not ready to buy yet (i travel WAAYYY too much) so property taxes
don't have nothin to do with me.

>You may have gotten a little but there is a top 1% that got a bunch.

So what, i'm not a member, yet. so i'm not concerned, that much. that is a struggle i
haven't enough time nor money to fight just yet