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Topic subjectRE: let me put it this way
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2932, RE: let me put it this way
Posted by Monique, Thu Nov-13-03 11:10 AM
>in analyzing his talk and actions, i think he plans on
>taking advantage of the african american vote even more
>while pandering to rural whites.

but, no matter who they are they take "advantage of the african american vote."

although it should not be our work is always cut out for us working harder for much.
what a man said about dean and blacks just before i posted last nite would have me not voting for dean...

but, for only one reason am i voting for dean,just as for gore.

and i was told gore was actually more of a republican,but i was looking at something else of interest.

It's not going to happen no matter how
>much I plead with him.

I Understand,but if dean become president and black farmers are disinfranchised,well they should load up their tractors in long bed 18 wheelers,head for washington and roll up wherever with their lobbying for help.

no,should not be this way,but do what they gotta do.

whoever win the dem primary i will vote that person in nov04.

bush win 04--or "selected",well.....