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Topic subjectlet me put it this way
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2931, let me put it this way
Posted by naame, Wed Nov-12-03 07:45 PM
in analyzing his talk and actions, i think he plans on taking advantage of the african american vote even more while pandering to rural whites. we will not receive the rightful place at the top of policy which is needed to achieve a more fair and balanced economic and social American community. It's not going to happen no matter how much I plead with him.

He's not good for black people if he wants to feed white men that would not feed us while we cook the food for the both of them and receive pigs feet, neck bones and chitlins.

and maybe it's me, but I don't really believe much of the supposed racial harmony amongst white people and black people if there are 11 white, rural based republican governors in the southeastern states and none of them really appeal to the urban enclaves for votes. they appeal to the rural white males, it's a recurring pattern, the first black southern governor was not until Governor Wilder in VA, and how many have we had since then?