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Topic subjectRE: don't attack me, i'm just presenting an idea.
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2929, RE: don't attack me, i'm just presenting an idea.
Posted by Monique, Wed Nov-12-03 07:21 PM
got me,as i was trying to delete the post because i felt like you would think i was being rude to you,or as you put it "attack".

sorry,not like that at all. i am just angry!, just real angry !

but,not at you.

but,still if you see nothing in his plan for whatever good it might do,offer a suggestion.

i will assume you know about the "feedback" forum. one place is a list /w one being "policies" to ask questions/or give suggestions.

sooner,or laterr it is read,general response i received.
you know it already www.deanforamerica.com.

maybe you have been there done that already.
if you have not and do so,never know what might happen should he be elected president.