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Topic subjectwhat does this have to do with anything?
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2926, what does this have to do with anything?
Posted by naame, Wed Nov-12-03 07:20 PM
Nowadays silence is looked on as odd and most of my race has forgotten the beauty of meaning much by saying little."

-- From Toni Morrison's new book, "Love"

There are at least 5 definable points in the black political spectrum that can readily be said to have a vast constituency within black populace, which are simultaneously operative on virtually all political issues affecting blacks.

1. The Traditional Integrationist: NAACP, NAACP legal defense fund, National Urban League. It is this portion of the black political spectrum that has been most recognized and responded to by whites and by predominantly white institutions. The RESULTS of integrationist litigation are more real, more institutional and have a more concrete impact on daily reality than the many fledgling programs and new theories of other poles.

I'm tired of getting the sense of this from negroes
1. the white man's ice is colder.
2. the white man's sugar is sweeter.
3. the white man's heaven is closer
4. the white man's machines are more efficient
5. the white man's atm's always work.
6. the white man's fashion is much more stylish.
7. the white man's english is perfect
8. the white man's name is more powerful and gives greater status
9. the white man's vote is more important
10. the black man ain't shit.
11. the white man's government is less corrupt.
12. the white man's woman is cuter.
13. the white man's mind is more intelligent
14. if i attain status from the white man than i have attain power over all men.
15. the white man's job pays on time.
16. the white man's business is fortune 500
17. the white man earned his power.
18. the white man's transportation is so much faster!
19. the white man's cities are clean.
20. where the white man lives, property values are higher.
21. Black poverty brings crime.

22. When the black man loves, it's painful. when the white man loves, it's easier to take the pain.
23. White folk communicate so much better!
24. Why get my own when i can get it from the white man?
25. Why support the black business when I can go to walmart?
26. Mexicans are hurting the black man's chance at getting a job.
27. Everyone else works hard but the black man.