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2925, Naame
Posted by mariposanegra, Wed Nov-12-03 01:21 PM
You clearly haven't read up on Dean. Go to blacksfordean.com and to the News Archive and Issues page and get schooled on the man before you start goin' off on tangents.

He's not the great white hope but he's definite a fresh new thing for America and black America in 2004. He's the best thing for anyone in this country who is not white, male, and rich.

I don't think Dean is going to go against his word when he gets in office. Look at his record and what he did in his state. If he were just trying to pander and win votes, he would have been one of the war-supporting Bush-lite Democrats. But he's not. He was against the war when it wasn't popular. His campaign spoke out on behalf of Mayor John Street when it wasn't necessary and was risky. I believe Dean is genuine in his concern for making sure everyone is treated fairly in this country.

Out of all the candidates, if Dean doesn't get in office, this country is SCREWED and I'm movin' with Aaron McGruder to Canada.