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Topic subjectRE: b/c they are a legitimate demographic
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2911, RE: b/c they are a legitimate demographic
Posted by deejboram, Wed Nov-12-03 10:13 AM
the dude that paid me the most in alabama was one.
$10 / hr
i got TWO raises in ONE week and he retroactivated that shit to the 2 weeks prior so i had a FAT check!

them rednecks will let you know which ones you can and caint fuck with!

i had a redneck "confederate/militia" type dude fix the tranny on my car.
not only did dude do a *superb* job he also was giving me extra lil tidbits.
and when i went to go pick it up he taught me how to make a bomb outta: mr. bubble, dry ice, rock salt and a styrofoam ice chest.
then me and my boy got to shoot his rifle with night scope and homemade silencer.
dude had a straight up arsenal in his pad.