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Topic subjecti'm talking about the everyday black laborer
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2906, i'm talking about the everyday black laborer
Posted by naame, Wed Nov-12-03 09:12 AM
if that's who he's appealing to in order to begin this conversation it might help to include a lil help on how you plan on helping out. otherwise you are just trying to get us to go along with you for the election and not shit is going to happen once you get elected and you aren't going to do or say anything even if you don't get elected. he doesn't care about us at all.
this is the current state of the claims laid out. from my standpoint these claims need to be handled quicker and obviously i want a higher success rate on our claim being accepted. the main reason i want it sped up is because many of these farmers are older than 60 and may not be able to even reap the benefits of the money being given.

Track A Claims:

To date, of the 21,982 claimants who have proceeded under Track A, USDA has submitted its responses on 21,782 cases to the Adjudicator. Of these, the Adjudicator has decided 21,590 cases so far:

13,110 cases (60.7 percent) have been upheld -- decided in favor of the claimant.

8,480 cases (39.3 percent) have been denied.

Once the Adjudicator has notified USDA of an approved decision, USDA has 120 days to file a petition seeking Monitor review of the decision. On the approved decisions for which USDA does not seek Monitor review, USDA implements the debt relief ordered by the Adjudicator. USDA has no control over claim decisions and does not issue the check.

As of July 9, 2003, the Facilitator has mailed $50,000 each in settlement to 12,831 claimants. This totals over $641 million.

Loans Forgiven:

As of July 9, 2003, USDA has discharged open debt on loans in the amount of $18,453,280. USDA has also returned $206,227 to others who had offsets taken to service delinquent accounts.

Track B:

USDA has obtained the following Track B statistics. Of the 237 claims originally forwarded for consideration under Track B, 55 cases switched to Track A with the concurrence of the Department of Justice. Of approximately 182 claims that went forward under Track B, 36 have been dismissed by the Arbitrator prior to hearing, and 6 claimants withdrew their claims. There have been 71 Track B settlements, with resulting payments to claimants totaling $7,226,780. There are 32 cases pending. Of those cases that have gone to a hearing and have been adjudicated:

The claimant prevailed in 16 cases. The total amount awarded to prevailing claimants was just under $5,507,028. The Department of Justice has sought review or may seek review in a majority of those cases.

In 21 cases, the claimant did not prevail.