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Topic subjecthis energy plan
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2905, his energy plan
Posted by emil, Wed Nov-12-03 08:35 AM
is more pronounced than the others.
healthcare, ideas on economy and jobs.

lesser of about 50 evils in my book.

energy/oil/global warming/ecological issues to me, are much more important than anything else combined, simply b/c coming from a scientific standpoint you realize that without air or water or energy, all the others would cease to exist.

not to say the issue about black farmers isnt important b/c we are them. personally haven't seen any foul action from the usda but i know it occurs to others. just build a biodiesel infrastructure to use all this excess soybean/peanut oil, clean up the air at the same time we reduce foreign energy dependency (and i could make my own fuel) and create rural jobs at teh same time. guerrilla energy. same with solar cells, hydropower, and wind. then i'll worry about the other things.