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Topic subjectQuestion: Anyone know any estimates on how many were sold
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28945, Question: Anyone know any estimates on how many were sold
Posted by Mica, Thu Mar-17-05 03:55 PM
by Africans versus how many were captured?

Perhaps I question is odd at best, since I know none of us were there, but I'm wondering if anyone knows of any research done that concluded a guesstimate on amounts. Or, if one would like to venutre their own guesstimate on this.

I ask because although it has previously be stated that had Africans not sold slaves to Europeans the trade would not have been as big (come to think of it, to make such a statement seems to imply a knowledge of a potential guesstimate of what I ask), I wonder how concrete that is. Is it that 50% were sold and 50% taken against their will (i.e kidnapped)? Is it more so 70%, 30% in either direction? It would be from this that I would form more of a concrete opinion (for my own thinking and analysis) on what blame I put on Africans for slavery (of course, I'd take into account the idea that European and American involvement far exceeded African involvement when slavery is view in its entirety).

Anyone know?