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Topic subjectIf you traveled to the adult-porn store and...
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28936, If you traveled to the adult-porn store and...
Posted by blaXXX, Wed Mar-16-05 08:33 PM
found that they were selling sex-slaves...would you buy?

how about the local day-care selling Children? Or, maybe the housecleaning service that sells maids?

I don't know you...but I bet you'd pass on all 3 purchases.

So to White racists who attempt to justify and psyche-out their mentals regarding the Greatest Crime against Mankind;

If nobody's BUYING------then absolutely positively NO ONE will be selling!

Its amazing that they attempt to pawn off their negligence of enslaving a race of People----with, "Afrikan tribes sold Blacks to us, so there!". Apply that sorry-A$$ philosophy to ANY SCENARIO today featuring negligence when perpetrating criminality? What do you get? Its called accountability----something Whites have avoided for CENTURIES regarding Slavery.

And thats from its 'carefully avoided mentioning' in the ORIGINAL U.S. Constitution----up through----Bill Clinton REFUSING to apologize on behalf of America, to Blacks, for Slavery...when he occupied The Oval.