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Topic subjectAfrican people and leaders are responsible for many problems
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28928, African people and leaders are responsible for many problems
Posted by Taharka, Wed Mar-16-05 05:23 PM
we face today. If it were not for our infighting division with religion Islam Christianity etc. we would not be in a majority of the problems we see today.

Yes African people are the main reason europeans transported so many Africans shit AFRICAN PEOPLE ARE THE REASON EUROPEANS COLONIZED THE CONTINENT.

Had it not been for slave trading nations like Benin, Angola, Congo who sold rival cultural groups into the cultural genocide slavery would not have became the monster it did. Europeans were taking control of coastal regions by overpowering smaller cultural groups but for the most part a majority of the people did not live within 50 miles of the coast. For 400 years Europeans(portugal spain etc.) were never allowed to gain access to the interior of West Africa. Not until infighting affects of slave trade did europeans begin to explore the interior of Africa in the late 1800s.