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Topic subject*sigh*
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28910, *sigh*
Posted by suave_bro, Sun Mar-13-05 09:01 PM
a majority of AMERICANS are white, therefore if there is something that says "X-thousands of americans" ANYTHING, chances are most of them are gonna be white...(unless we are talking about the latest HIV/AIDS cases)..

or would u argue that a majority of the employees that work at the WTC were african american? hispanic? middle eastern? asian?

the point of my response was that there is no way you can convince me that somebody can spend a majority of their time tearing down american people, WHITE people, the system, and all of a sudden have this "change of heart" to where he is concerned about americans well being...ALSO' if the govt purposely ignored the 52 warnings to see all those people dead (which is what people like him want us to believe) then doesnt this fall right along with their "theories" about the govt?

just more mixed messages from you psychos on here...