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Topic subjectRE: maybe, but the drawbacks would outweigh the benefits
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28825, RE: maybe, but the drawbacks would outweigh the benefits
Posted by sunngodd, Tue Mar-08-05 09:07 AM
>I think that's our difference of opinion here. I like the
>charter school movement as much as you do. But I think it's
>dangerous for the government to lump all non-public schools
>together, funding them through vouchers which are spent
>according to popular opinion rather than academic quality.

So the government should chose what schools are good for children? A parent can make that choice much better than the government can.

>Sure, but in the vast majority of cases, vouchers are not
>enough to cover tuition as a good private school.

First, it may not cover tutition, but it will make private education a lot more affordable. Secondly, if vouchers are implemented, more charter schools will be created that are affordable for those receiving vouchers.

>problem is that there are also shitty private schools. If a
>school is free from government oversight, and is encouraged
>to cut costs in order to survive on voucher money alone,
>they are likely to do so by hiring unqualified teachers.

I'm not advocating schools free from government oversight. A school should have to teach a certian minimal cirrucumlum and students should have to perform at a certian level in order for the school to stay open.


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