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Topic subjectRE: maybe, but the drawbacks would outweigh the benefits
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28821, RE: maybe, but the drawbacks would outweigh the benefits
Posted by sunngodd, Tue Mar-08-05 07:52 AM

>With vouchers, the money could just as likely go to some
>religious "school," where kids can learn all they want to
>know about what their "faith" should be, but if they want a
>calculus class, they're shit outta luck.

That should be the parent's choice though. If they want their kids to memorize the Bible, and not learn math, that's on them. Actually, rich people already have this choice, it's the poor that are stuck in shitty public schools.


“All the scared niggers are dead” – Stokely Carmichael

"...and once we control at least the economy of our own community, we will actually be in a position to provide employment for the people of the community. And this will eliminate the necessity of us acting ignorantly and disgracefully boycotting and picketing some cracka somewhere else trying to beg him for a job. Anytime you have to rely upon your enemy for a job, you're in bad shape.” - Malcolm X