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Topic subjectHoward University to open math & science middle school (swipe)
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28816, Howard University to open math & science middle school (swipe)
Posted by tha8thjewel, Tue Mar-08-05 04:17 AM
This is some heartening news that actually started my day off right. It's excellent that HU is trying to reach out in this way.


University to Open Middle School
By Ayesha Rascoe

Next fall, Howard University will be welcoming not only the class of 2009, but also the class of 2019.

Plans have been announced to open the Howard University Middle School of Mathematics and Science , a public charter school in 2005. The school, which will focus on math and science, will accept up to 120 6th graders from the District of Columbia for the 2005-2006 school year.

The middle school is first the element of the university's Interdisciplinary Science and Engineering Center, to be developed.

According to Strategic Framework Two, this center will eventually include the National Human Genome Research Center, the Colleges of Engineering, Architecture, and Computer Sciences, the pure science departments, as well as interdisciplinary academic centers.

Vice Provost Franklin Chambers said he is excited about the university's new venture because it will aid the youth of D.C. and the Howard community in general.

"The middle school project is a bold initiative of HU and I'm excited that the president and the board of trustees had both the vision and the courage to seize the wonderful opportunity for all involved," Chambers said.

In addition, Chambers believes that opening the school is a natural extension of Howard's motto of "providing leadership for America and the global community."

"The university has demonstrated for over 138 years we have the ability to train and prepare the world's best, so the middle school is a logical progression," Chambers said.

"The university benefits by preparing more African-Americans in math and science, which ultimately increases the pipeline to higher education. The community benefits from the excellence in teaching and leadership that the University will provide on a consistent basis."