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Topic subjectI have looked into non conflict diamonds......
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28814, I have looked into non conflict diamonds......
Posted by BlakGirlSoul, Mon Mar-07-05 11:16 AM
and that is what I have requested from my S.O.
Laying next to you with my arms around you in the morning is too good to be true, and I cherish it completely.
You and I are best friends , and hopefully lovers for life
If this was a mistake...its the best one GOD ever made ~my mayne

Sh*t that I just LOVE.......
~I love black college bands - THEY ROCK
~I love playing my music loud in my car - scares whitey
~I love the scent of my man - *sniff*
~I love love love love love to Dance - I am the Dancing Machine

She toss a mean salad too ~B Block

"I wanna save the world and niggas too." ~Me

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