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Topic subjectunderstood...but let's try not to bicker over the example...
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28799, understood...but let's try not to bicker over the example...
Posted by Fiver, Tue Feb-08-05 10:18 AM
>and that because bling bling is
>just a "fad" (which it isnt)

right, it's not akin to a fad: that's why i still wear a clock and africa medallions, and FAT gold chains, and one mesh glove. oh wait, i don't.

>do u honestly believe that an engagement ring (ONE DIAMOND)
>is worse than THIS shit!?!

i believe people buying diamonds for engagement, wedding anniversaries, retirement gifts, etc. will last a lot longer than the "bling" of today. granted, blingin' is definitely part of the problem, but i think in the long-run, the expected purchasing of jewelry outweighs the bling-obsession of today: unless your grandma is showing you her blinged-out medallion she got in 1926 (in those special cases, i'm wrong).