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Topic subjectRE: Supposedly it's got some serious engineering issues
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28748, RE: Supposedly it's got some serious engineering issues
Posted by latif888, Wed Mar-09-05 05:57 PM
a lot of truth to what you say. you should check out a philosophy and practice called permaculture. it's kind of a happy medium, a "mixed farm" system where they mimic natural ecosystems with food producing plants, shrubs, trees, etc. with animals as well. They call them "food forests". I've seen a documentary where they took these practices to really devastated, impoverished areas in africa and india and turned them into thriving gardens of eden. Not just good for people, the techniques take into account rebuilding soil stability, recharging the water table, attracting wildlife, etc...

Another good source is an old Japanese man named Masanobu Fukuoka, who developed a zen buddhist inspired system of no till natural farming. He naturalizes vegetables to a semi-wild state. He's as much philosopher as he is farmer.

too much information, i know...

but how many people now about this shit?