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Topic subjectgimme the argument against soy
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28741, gimme the argument against soy
Posted by Utamaroho, Thu Feb-03-05 08:34 AM
i've been hearing some things from respected and trusted sources that say it's not the BEST option for us vegans.
28742, Bio-Gen
Posted by kaytomah, Thu Feb-03-05 08:38 AM
Being a vegan who tend to opt more for organic food...soy is probably the most biogenetically engineer food.

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28743, its very ying/estrogenic
Posted by malang, Thu Feb-03-05 08:39 AM
not good for males....

try wheat gluten or seiten instead...

and as mentioned above there are prob issues with GMod too....
28744, RE: its very ying/estrogenic
Posted by Cre8, Thu Feb-03-05 12:13 PM
why is it a problem for males?

28745, estrogen is a female hormone, dummy
Posted by buildingblock, Mon Feb-07-05 08:49 AM
it makes us gain fat weight
28746, RE: estrogen is a female hormone, dummy
Posted by latif888, Wed Mar-09-05 05:45 PM
you're the dummy. men have estrogen in their system as well, just like women have testosterone in their system. it's a balance thing, and can really cause problems for men when out of whack. soy contains phytoestrogen compounds. but that's just the tip of the iceberg. it also has a lot of compounds that block the absorption of minerals.

the best source for information about soy is westonaprice.org

Dr. Weston Price was a nutrition pioneer who studied the diets of healthy traditional/indigenous cultures around the globe to see what they had in common that gave them low incidence of tooth decay, cancer, heart disease, diabetes, and all other modern diseases.

and i don't want to be a party pooper, but there has never been in the history of mankind a society that was vegan...
28747, Supposedly it's got some serious engineering issues
Posted by FireBrand, Thu Feb-03-05 08:46 AM
and it's got sumin that messes with female hormones.

I'm telling you. If u want to eat healthy, u gonna have to grow your own shit, and hunt for the meat.

It aint natural having fields with nuffin but crops- it's just as bad for nature as logging.

It also aint natural to farm meat.

but ya'll don't hear me tho.

Avi? We fitta do it.

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28748, RE: Supposedly it's got some serious engineering issues
Posted by latif888, Wed Mar-09-05 05:57 PM
a lot of truth to what you say. you should check out a philosophy and practice called permaculture. it's kind of a happy medium, a "mixed farm" system where they mimic natural ecosystems with food producing plants, shrubs, trees, etc. with animals as well. They call them "food forests". I've seen a documentary where they took these practices to really devastated, impoverished areas in africa and india and turned them into thriving gardens of eden. Not just good for people, the techniques take into account rebuilding soil stability, recharging the water table, attracting wildlife, etc...

Another good source is an old Japanese man named Masanobu Fukuoka, who developed a zen buddhist inspired system of no till natural farming. He naturalizes vegetables to a semi-wild state. He's as much philosopher as he is farmer.

too much information, i know...

but how many people now about this shit?
28749, RE: gimme the argument against soy
Posted by brwnskinlady, Thu Feb-03-05 08:51 AM

go for organic soy ____

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28750, RE: Thyroid Probs
Posted by InspiredFree, Thu Feb-03-05 09:01 AM
Hey - I read up, as someone who is hypothyroid (slow metabolism among other probs) n soy is pretty bad for folks with thyroid problems. Some people say it can cause them if abused.

And I don't like the taste of tofu (hahahaha)....

28751, comprehensive article on why soy is bad
Posted by zewari, Thu Feb-03-05 09:05 AM


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28752, In a nutshell
Posted by Brooklynbeef, Thu Feb-03-05 09:29 AM
1. Prematurely ages brain cells
2. Decreases thyroid activity
3. Blocks mineral absorption such zinc, calcium,magnesium, etc, etc

If you consume soy it's best to eat fermented soy like miso.
28753, it tastes like ass
Posted by foxnesn, Thu Feb-03-05 12:34 PM
28754, so you ate ass before?
Posted by Delete me, Thu Feb-03-05 05:29 PM
you a dirty boy
28755, ... but this was funnier.
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Thu Feb-03-05 08:30 PM
The People's Champ

28756, the truth is finally revealed
Posted by haj20, Thu Feb-03-05 10:05 PM

28757, lol
Posted by foxnesn, Fri Feb-04-05 02:30 AM
it's just an expression. ive been drinking soy years longer than those trendy vegans.
28758, this was funny
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Thu Feb-03-05 08:29 PM
The People's Champ

28759, You're late...
Posted by Whateva, Thu Feb-03-05 04:49 PM
Everyone is losing the glass of soy a night trend:

28760, Fat & chemicals in it act like a female hormones in men
Posted by Ason, Thu Feb-03-05 05:16 PM
plastic do the same thing

so try not to eat of plastics if your a man
28761, this just reinforces my theory on health food
Posted by 40thStreetBlack, Thu Feb-03-05 08:36 PM
EVERYTHING is bad for you one way or the other, so eat whatever the fuck you want (within reason and in moderation, of course)

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28762, nice avatar!
Posted by Jon, Mon Feb-07-05 01:11 PM
argh i can't wait til May
28763, it was never meant to be consumed by itself
Posted by Castro, Thu Feb-03-05 10:00 PM
In Asia the general practice is to consume it with meat- Soy aids in the digestion of meat, and meat in turn cancels out the negative properties in Soy....
28764, Ive never heard this...
Posted by SONJEVITY, Fri Feb-04-05 08:30 AM
gonna have to look into it further.

28765, high acid/impurities because of big bean
Posted by Allah, Fri Feb-04-05 08:01 AM
mean low surface area to volume ratio............
and something about estrogen.............
28766, It gives me gas
Posted by Deacon Blues, Sat Feb-05-05 08:06 AM
28767, brain degeneration
Posted by organix, Sun Feb-06-05 02:56 AM
a prominent study of japanese men who ate soy every day found brain degeneration.

as mentioned above, traditionally, soy had always been eaten fermented. miso, nama shoyu soy sauce, tempeh. now tempeh is some good shit!

man, im in thailand travelling right now so ive been eating soy almost everyday to keep my protein intake adequate. soon as i return home im dropping that shit on the fly. but asian countries really do know how to cook a good tofu dish.
28768, 4-part argument here:
Posted by Jon, Mon Feb-07-05 01:09 PM
1. soymilk is wierd unless its chocolate, which kind of hides the wierdness

2. tofu often ends up becomming airy-wierd insta-mush in your mouth, depending on who cooked it

3. "tofu chicken" is wrong for even TRYING to be like chicken and tasting instead like a sanitized ball of old de-elasticized rubber bands

4. tofu cubes taste like fuckin tofu cubes
28769, vegans are nazis
Posted by chrisdefendorf, Mon Feb-07-05 05:31 PM
and I wouldn't be casught dead in a vegan restaurant.
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28770, psst... that's not offensive
Posted by ladyboss08, Wed Feb-09-05 04:11 PM
and, aren't you white? destruction for far worse crimes than nazisism is in your blood.
28771, Dawg.
Posted by FireBrand, Sat Mar-05-05 08:31 AM
you KNOW u want a kalebone sammich.


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