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Posted by ConcreteCharlie, Sat Nov-15-03 07:12 AM
yeah, they take into account your living expenses and debts as well

my friend lives down in san diego, north county, his dad makes between 150K-200K a year but has mad payments to the IRS, alimony and so on; dude gets almost all his shit in loans at least.

My dad only makes about 30K/yr and they were throwing down all types of shit; some of it was merit based but not much and I dont even live in the expensive-ass bay area. Dee is right, and if your kid has decent grades CS-Dom. Hills would bend over backwards to take her/him.

Even at Stanford and Cal Tech, if you have the grades and they accept you they sometimes offer even greater financial aid. It is need-based so if the tuition alone exceeds your income, they will help you out a lot. Those places have money coming out their ass, huge endowments and shit, plus all that tuition from rich ass mufuckas that pay the full ticket. When I was looking at Stanford I would have had to foot about $8k/yr on the bill based on income alone and probably less in the end; though it was moot because I didnt get in anyway!