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2895, Yes way.
Posted by deejboram, Sat Nov-15-03 12:27 AM
If I'm not mistaken the way our system is setup now is for YOU to put YOUR children through school, correct? So FAFSA is saying you should do as such but if you need assistance htey will give it to your relative to your income. If you guys are a family of three on 30K per annum then I don't see why they didn't want to give you any money.

Hold up!!!

You live in the SF Bay?

Shit, then your kid could go to SF State or Dominguez Hills or somethin for CHEAP!
And you say you still gotta pay 10K per year or some shit like that for tuition?
This means your not going to a state school.
If your kid is trying to foot the bills at Stanford or Cal Tech then that's on yall.
Nobody said you gotta go to one of them ritzy private schools.
Shit calculus is calculus no matter where you go!

But I know for 10K you can pay for TWO YEARS of tuition & room/board at Alabama A&M or Alabama State universities. And this is including out-of-state fees.